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Pre-project planning and documentation is crucial for a successful project. Meticulous micro level planning not only cuts the time for implementation but also the cost both during the project and the subsequent running of the hospital. The following documentation is recommended:

Project Profile
Definition of objectives
Principles and planning parameters
Scope of the project
Levels of service
Clinical disciplines
Investigative infrastructure
Identification of technology
Training programs
Functional planning
Projected bed distribution

Techno Economic Feasibility Report
Study of prevalence of disease pattern in the area
Availability of health infrastructure
Health services required by the local population
Expenditure assumptions
Revenue assumptions
Cost evaluation of the project
Projected balance sheet
Projected cash flow statement
Break even analysis
List of equipment with cost & list of selected suppliers
Imported & Indian Instruments

Project Report
Workflow analysis
Marketing strategy
Functional analysis
Projected requirement of equipment

Equipment Analysis - I
Location coding - split up of the physical plan of the hospital to its lowest elements i.e. the rooms and areas.
Allocation of a code number to each area.
Room and area-wise list of equipment
List of Indian equipment and its cost
List of imported equipment and its cost
Total cost of equipment
List of selected suppliers

Equipment Analysis - II
Location of installation
Specification of equipments
Functions of selected equipments
Different suppliers for each equipment with cost of each in order of recommendation for purchase
Installation requirements where ever required

Instruments Analysis
Department-wise sets of instruments
Composition of each set
Department-wise instruments other than sets
Cost of total instrument requirement
Suppliers of instruments
Cost of instruments of different suppliers
Total projected cost on instruments

Functional Brief
The functional requirements of the proposed hospital are translated into structural design both for the technical discussion with the owner for the conceptulisation of the architect. The brief on the requirements of the hospital. Thereafter the architectural drawings are based on this brief. The brief broadly contains the following :
Departments and specialities required in the hospital
Bed compliment of the hospital
Category wise distribution of beds
Subdivisions of the departments
Rooms and areas of each department and sub-departments
Area allocation
Room wise layout plan
Design strategy
Stretegic requirement

Architectural and Engineering services
Functional development
Conseptual designing
Detailed drawings
Working drawings
Tender & Bid documents
Engineering drawings
Periodic supervision