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The growth of hospitals in India between now and the next two decades is likely to be in the non-government sector particularly the corporate group intending to start hospitals. Even the existing Govt. hospitals are likely to get privatized in due course.

Todays hospitals need to be planned on the concept of “design follows function” so as to be fully functional and cost effective. A group of hospital planners bringing multidisciplinary expertise has formed a company to fill this gap. Directors of the Company have been associated with the planning of over 30 hospitals and Nursing Homes covering over 4500 beds spread over the country and abroad.

A.P.Hospital Consultants Pvt Ltd is an organisation specialising in planning and setting up new hospitals. In addition the company also undertakes conversion of existing commercial, hotel, or other buildings to a hospital to suit its functional requirements. The company has been incorporated to meet the growing needs of the up coming new hospitals, particularly the corporate group intending to start new hospitals.

The Company
  • Is constituted of a group of hospital planners and designers specializing in developing planned hospitals on the concept of ‘Design follows Function’ through a co-ordinated interaction of various disciplines.
  • The Directors have experience of planning a number of large Hospitals, Nursing homes and diagnostic centres. They have also been associated with the planning of Medical Colleges.
  • Specialise in providing a centre of ‘single source information’ on hospitals and provides consultancy in Hospital Planning, architecture, engineering management, marketing, legal issues and other areas.
  • Has associated experts in different fields of contemporary hospital planning interacting to make a functionally balanced hospital.
  • Has a computerized data bank on hospital related information required for ready reference.
  • Plans hospitals in a manner so as to be economical as well as cost effective.
  • Provides consultancy over the full range of hospital related activities ranging from pre-project documentation to ‘turn key projects’. The company also offers to run the project is so desired by the client.
  • Offers flexibility in design at the planning stage itself to enable the hospital to adapt to the future needs and keep up to the changing times and new innovations introduced in medical sciences.
  • Provides expertise in the development of systems for the hospital.
  • Organizes study for the hospital to develop manuals for various departments of the hospital.
  • Also provides expertise for hospital management activities including hospital marketing and on legal issues associated with the hospital.