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1. Site selection

2. Preliminary survey of land including soil testing, adjoining area and the availability of basic infrastructure. Market survey.

3. Preliminary project profile and discussion with the promoters to finalise the program.

4. Detailed Techno-economic feasilibity report.

5. Detailed functional brief for the architect.

6. Preliminary drawings and the Master Plan based on the functional brief.

7. Modification of drawings till the design fully satisfies the functional requirements of the hospital.

8. Detailed equipment analysis report.

9. Department and room-wise drawings with location equipment.

10. Modifications in the department and room layout to suit the lowest level of functional requirements.

11. The working drawings i.e. the structural drawings, drawings of electrification, plumbing, standby generator line, telephone lines, public address system, nurses call bell, central computer system, CCTV, EPABX and communication, piped medical gasses, compressed air and central suction, fire requirements etc. All the drawings are finalised in coordination.

12. Notice inviting tenders and finalisation of Contractors

13. Split up of the Activities of the project into elements and allocation of a time tag to each element in terms of weeks or months to suit the proposed time schedule (PERT Chart).

14. Laying of foundation stone and commencement of work.

15. Weekly meetings to review the progress. Steps taken to ensure that the activities lagging behind are completed in the ongoing weeks.

16. Tenders and quotations from suppliers.

17. Finalizing of equipments and placing or orders.

18. Commissioning Report.

19. Installation of equipment. To be completed minimum 3 months before commissioning.

20. Appointment of staff in stages, starting 3 months before commissioning.

21. Landscaping of area and display of signage systems both internal and external.

22. Development of systems of the hospital.

23. Training of manpower.

24. Development of computer software for the hospital.

25. Completion of project atleast 1 month before commissioning.

26. Development of all reports and manuals.

27. Final Commissioning.

28. Linkages with Local, National and International centres.

29. Monotoring of the shake down period and necessary steps to ensure smooth pickup.

30. Hospital Marketing and recognition of various panel organizations

31. Further development activities.

32. Launch of satellite centers.